From the desk of Dr. Michelle Gordon, a top surgeon... 




Get the Wallet-Saving MENO-Belly Solution that works

This challenge is for women who have: 

  • Struggled to get started…
  • Struggled to stick to a program…
  • Struggled to lose weight on their own…

My name is Dr. Michelle Gordon.

And I struggled with my own menopause weight.

In fact, I put on more than 50 pounds

I tried to diet… I exercised… I even ran up to 7 miles, every day! 

But I just could not lose the weight…

...That is, until I discovered the power of fitness Challenges to give me the extra willpower, focus and motivation I needed to kickstart my weight loss and stick to a plan.

In fact, the Challenge format was so successful (when everything else had failed)...

That when other women started asking me for help with their menopause weight, I created a unique weight loss challenge of my own!

No, you don't need to spend hours at the gym

Because this “challenge” concept was the secret that finally helped ME melt my MENO-Belly… 

All without depriving myself of the yummy foods I loved - including:

  • Mouth-watering chocolates to celebrate special occasions… 
  • Salty, crunchy chips, to snack away an afternoon… 
  • Even fun to eat, cheesy pizza with my family, when they come over for movie night…

… All this, and still, my partner says my body looks great!…

Not only did I lose that 50 pounds, I've kept that weight off for the last 7 years.

We’ve surveyed over 50,000 women in menopause and we found that the number one cause of MENO-Misery is weight gain… And that is so true.

This challenge was made for women who are going through menopause! 

But we don’t just stop at losing the pounds.

This simple, powerful and easy-to-follow program may also help with...

  • Increased mental clarity and focus… 
  • Better, more stable moods… 
  • Sleep - Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer…

More and more women like YOU are going through menopause without having access to the right information and easy steps to LOSE weight and GAIN their confidence back.

And it’s my mission to help you.

  • Already tried dieting? No problem!
    Let us have 28 days and we’ll help “rewire” those taste buds so "slim-belly foods" tastes even better than chocolate… 
  • Dread exercise? No problem!
    I ran 3 miles a day, on average, and still couldn’t burn my MENO belly. That’s why we don’t even require you to exercise in this program - unless you really want to…
  • Tried pills, and they didn’t work? No problem!
    Menopause is so complex, no over-the-counter pill or Amazon supplement can really help. That’s why we use a unique approach that makes true, lasting change easy and effective…
  • Doctor ignored you? Couldn’t help?
    The sad truth is many doctors don’t take menopause seriously… Or they don’t know what to do about menopause. I’m a board certified physician; a surgeon and menopause expert.

I’ve been through menopause, myself. So you can trust me to help you...

"I want a MENO-Belly solution that works..."

Recently I collected all of my clients’ success stories, and looked for common themes.

Here are the top three reasons why our women loved our 28-day challenge:

  • They banished multiple symptoms! Not only did they lose weight… they slept better, had a more even mood, and found relief from their hot flashes…

  • They thought more clearly and felt like “themselves” again! They escaped the “brain fog” that was following them around… and banished their “MENO-Misery”... so they could be kind with family, friends and loved ones…

  • They felt “in control” of their emotions for the first time in… their words… “forever”! Menopause is tough… and it’s stressful. Once these women got on top of their weight, the stress just melted off their shoulders…

… All while they enjoyed decadent chocolate desserts… crunchy chips and crackers… and even a glass or two of wine.

Not sleeping? Craving carbs and sugar? Want a better way? 

Menopause Packed Unwanted Pounds
Onto My Belly... And Set Me In Search Of A Solution...

It’s no secret:

Menopause wages war on our hormones…

… But it absolutely set my body on fire.

  • Hot flashes that come out of nowhere - and leave us a sweaty, embarrassed mess… 

  • Mood swings that worry family and friends - until we no longer feel like “ourselves”... 

  • Sleepless nights spent tossing and turning - so we spend your days exhausted…

...And much more

True or False? Menopause is piling on the pounds 

but I don't know how to get them off...

One of the first symptoms I experienced in menopause was a sudden, seemingly unfixable weight gain.

As the weight piled on, I would look at myself in the mirror…

… And I hated what I had let myself become.

I felt like I didn’t even recognize that body…

… And that I would never like the way I looked, ever again.

True or False? Doctors don't listen to women in

menopause and say weight gain is our fault.

I sat there in her office and tried to explain myself…

… But she scribbled the prescription, without even looking me in the eye. 

I felt like she didn’t even see me.

She barely listened to my symptoms. She barely considered alternative solutions.

She just told me “menopause”,  and wrote me a prescription for hormones.

I tried taking them… but the side effects were awful…

… I was bloated, I felt sick, I had headaches…

(Plus, I got a period. And I was so over that…)  

The MENO-Misery had taken over my life:

I would wake up in the middle of the night… my shirt a damp, soggy mess…

I would snap at my family, for no good reason…

… And I was starting to feel “foggy” all the time - even forget things!

(Which is a real problem when you’re supposed to perform SURGERY on someone!)

Menopause - The feeling an alien has beamed

down and takecontrol of body, mind,

emotions, and mood

I read hundreds of studies on “menopause”, and didn’t find one “big cure” to it.

Instead, I found:

  • Dozens of different symptoms…

  • Dozens of different ‘cures’ - for each symptom!...

  • Dozens of stories where a solution worked for one woman; but not others…

… And… all the while… I was struggling with my own weight gain:

I couldn’t fit into my favorite clothes…

I was worried my partner would no longer desire me -- or would leave, and find comfort in the arms of another …

… And… even when I DID dress up…

… I was constantly smoothing my shirt. I was embarrassed my big belly and MENO-rolls would show.

So I hid myself behind dark colors and patterns…

… And bigger and bigger clothes.

No belts. Nothing that might draw attention to my growing waistline…

… I did not want to be seen - at all!

‍(I even stopped shopping - because I cringed, every time I saw another “X” on the “XXL” label…)

I felt like I was banging my head against the wall…

… Until I had my “Ah Hah” moment:

My “Ah Hah” Moment Was So Simple:

‘Menopause’ Isn’t One Problem -

There Are Many Problems…

One night, I was sitting in my kitchen…

Drinking my glass of sleepy-time tea…

Wondering whether or not I would sleep that night...

… When the solution to my menopause problems hit me, out of nowhere.

I realized that this big thing, ‘menopause’, wasn’t just one problem to fix…

… There were many.

And every woman experiences it differently:

  • Some women just get hot flashes… 

  • Some women just get mood swings… 

  • Some women just can’t sleep at night…

… Some women get all of the symptoms…

… Some women get none.

My menopausal experience happened to include weight gain.

I Realized I Wasn’t Going To

Magically Lose Weight

Just Because I Took A Pill…

And I realized I was no longer going to lose weight just because I exercised…

… Because I was already doing endless cardio: running miles and miles every week and cycling for hours.

And the weight refused to fall off…

And I realized I couldn’t just eat salads and drink less wine… and expect the pounds to melt off, either…

… Like they did when I was in my 20s… my 30s… heck, even my 40s!


… So I set out to find that specific weight loss program.

So I Tried Every Diet…  Every Exercise…

… Until I Found The Solution:

I remember the moment:

I had just gotten back from a run.

I was sweating buckets, and just wanted carbs.

… But I reached into the fridge for a salad.

I remember going to shower, right after…

… Looking at my body, in the mirror…

… And wondering why my hard work just wasn’t paying off.

So I looked myself right in the eyes, and I said, “Dr. G, you’re on the clock.”

“Give me just 28 days, and I will figure this thing out.”

… I know it sounds corny.

And I know it doesn’t sound like much…

… But that simple challenge to myself, in the mirror, set me down a road.

The road which would finally help me lose the MENO-weight, for good.

Once I had my challenge momentum, I took it to heart:

I finally stumbled onto the right foods to eat and exercises to do…

… For women going through menopause.

I gathered a group of my friends, to lose weight with, and hold me accountable…

… All women who were going through menopause.

I hired a coach to help me stay motivated, and introduce me to new techniques…

… Which worked specifically for women going through menopause.

… And… just 28 days later…

… I looked in that same mirror and saw a slimmer, healthier, happier woman, looking back at me…

… Even though I was still going through menopause!

Challenges Are The Research-Proven 

Way To Help Lose The Extra Pounds

Believe it or not, there have been hundreds of studies about community weight loss challenges…

… And they have seen some shocking results:

In one study, people who joined a challenge lost more than twice as much weight than those who tried, on their own…1

In another study, women who joined a challenge were more likely to stay thin and healthy… 2

‍and each challenge they joined made them more likely to keep the weight off - forever!

Another study showed that these online challenges can help you lose as much weight as if you hired a personal trainer… 3

… Except these community challenges are shown to help you feel like you’re not alone, and stick to it - even when the road gets tough! 4

Introducing The 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge

 The First Weight Loss Challenge Designed

To Help Menopausal Women Lose The MENO-Belly

And Keep It Off...

The very first challenge ever designed to help women in menopause lose the weight - for good…

And I really did pull out all the stops when creating this challenge.

Join the #1 Transformation Program for women who 

want to lose their MENO-Belly

"I loved the 28-day challenge group because of its support and accountability in a group of women going through the same struggles as myself."

"I would say to anyone that is thinking about joining, DO IT, you will not regret it."

"The 28-day challenge will help you every step of the way. It will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself and your family." 

The Menopause Movement Has Helped

So Many Women Our Age...

That I'm Practically Booked Solid!

In fact, if you wanted to hire me for 30 days of personal coaching..

.… You’d have to pay almost $5000!

This is why The Menopause Movement 28-Day MENO- Belly Challenge is such a great deal:

Because… when you add up the total value of our time and experience to build this custom challenge…

The community support… the recipes, the exercises…

… The time you’ll save, trying to figure all this out, on your own…

… You could easily spend $2,500 trying to buy it “a la carte.”

‍But you won’t pay anything near $2,500 for The 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge:

‍In fact, you won’t pay anything near even half that much!

But when you sign up now, you can join a community of like-minded women who are choosing to take action one small habit at a time .

Yes, Dr. G - I'm In

Right Now, You Have To

Make A Decision…

On this page, I’ve shown you the real reason losing weight is so difficult, during menopause…

… Including my own story, and how I struggled (even though I am a board-certified surgeon and menopause expert.)

I’ve introduced you to the big secret that turned my weight loss journey around…

… And I’ve shown you how to start your own challenge, so you can follow in my footsteps.

I introduced you to our successful clients (many of whom were struggling with the same challenges as you and I.)

Now… you have a decision to make:

‍You could join us, and let us walk you down a path towards burning off that MENO-Belly…

It's amazing to feel free and confident to wear the clothes you want… and enjoy the foods you love…

… All without the embarrassment or shame so many women feel.

‍Or, you can continue on, alone. You may find your own weight loss secret - I know I did.

… But I also know that I struggled for years with my weight, before I did.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I was ashamed of what I had let myself become.

… And… at every meal and with every snack… I felt more guilt about my body…

… Until I hated myself.

I don’t want that for you.

Click the button below to join us, and start your 28-day challenge, today:

Yes! I'm in!

While You Decide,

Here Are Our Most Frequently 

Asked Questions: 

How much time will it take?

Just fifteen minutes, per day, for 28 days.

Each and every morning, you will get an email.

You will read it for that day’s instructions, info and motivation.

This email takes just ten minutes to read and digest.

Then you will set aside five minutes to DO the tasks.

Just five minutes, each and every day.

Over the course of 28 days, these five minute actions build up. They become habits.

At the end of the 28 day challenge, your brand-new lifestyle will take just five to ten minutes per day to maintain.

If you can dedicate five to ten minutes per day to your own healthy, belly-free body, then click the button below, to get started:

Count Me In!

Do I have to eat special food or go vegan?


Absolutely not.

We believe that you should be able to walk into your local grocery store…

… Buy the foods you like and enjoy…

… And still burn away that MENO-Belly.

All you have to do is make small, easy adjustments to each of your meals.

One by one.

That’s what we teach you during our 28-day challenge.

And you will be able to follow along, no matter your dietary needs.

Do I have to exercise?

No, you do not have to exercise.

When I struggled with my menopausal weight, I was running 3 miles per day.

So exercise obviously isn’t the answer.

Should you exercise? Well, studies show that exercise helps you live longer
5 , feel happier6, and even have better sex!7  

… But you absolutely do not have to exercise, in order to follow our challenge.

We know that many women struggle with “traditional” exercise programs.

So we created a 28-day challenge which will work for you, even if you can not exercise…

… Or you simply don’t want, to, just yet.

I’ve tried every diet out there, what makes this different?

It is simple:

This is not a diet!

We won’t ask you to eat less calories… or to starve yourself of your favorite foods.


Instead, we help you build healthy meals from small, simple changes.

Let’s talk breakfast:

Many women in menopause skip breakfast entirely. Or just drink a cup of coffee.

They think this helps them lose weight…

… But it actually sets them up to fail.

We have women in our 28 day challenge eat a special type of food that fills them up faster… keeps them full longer… and turbo charges their metabolism…

… even during menopause…

… So they naturally burn two, three, maybe even four times the calories as “just a cup of coffee.”

(You can find out which foods are best for losing weight during menopause when you join the challenge)

I'm ready - sign me up!

It works for other people, will it work for me?

I truly believe so.

Here’s why:

Every woman has different experiences as they go through menopause.

But almost all of us gain weight.

All of this weight can be burned in the same way: Just follow the steps in our 28-day challenge.

So many women have followed this simple system and shed their MENO-Bellies.

But don’t worry:

Here at Menopause Movement, we believe that change is possible. And since change doesn’t happen overnight, we need to back our decision with action.

 If you believe this challenge is right for you, simply click this button:

I'm Ready To Lose My MENO-Belly

How do I get the best results from the program?

This is my favorite part of the program, actually…

… Because you get to kick back, and relax.

Let us lead the way.

Wake up, every morning, and read our challenge email.

It will tell you exactly what to do, for the day.

Simply follow the instructions. Then cross us off your list!

Yes, you can go to the community page and share your results with the women…

Yes, you can study our system, and learn until your brain’s set to burst!

… But all you have to do is read the day’s email and follow the instructions.

Do that - nothing more - and your MENO-Belly will melt away.

How are you delivering the challenge?

Everything is online and accessible from any device.

Each and every day, you will get an email update.

This email contains the day’s instructions. As well as links to important information:

Our video instructions… the workbooks and checklists… our private Facebook group… and much more.

Follow the instructions in the email, including the links we send you.

And then, enjoy the results.

If you want to engage with the program even more, you can visit our private Facebook group or visit our community portal.

In both places, you’ll find helpful, supportive staff.

As well as women who are taking the challenge, right alongside you.

To join us, simply click this button:

Join Now!

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The 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge doesn’t just stop at losing the pounds…

Bonuses inside designed to help you EAT and SLEEP while you lose the MENO-Belly.

I want to get on top of my menopause weightI want to lose the MENO-BellyI want to join the 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge

My first experience with a community challenge was way back in 2001.

I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks, but the change didn’t stick.

That challenge was based on a LOT of intense exercise and lifting weights.

Then when menopause hit and I gained 50 pounds...

I turned to challenges to keep me motivated while I figured out the right combination of eating and lifestyle that helped me lose my own MENO-belly.

Not only did I lose 50 pounds...

And I’ve happily kept it off for 5+ years!

And so… when my clients ask me how they should burn away their MENO-bellies…

… I always tell them “find a community challenge.”

I don’t even hesitate.

Here is the only problem - and it’s a big one:

There are hundreds of "weight loss challenges" online.

Some are good… some are bad… and it’s hard to tell the difference.

What’s more, there was never a weight loss challenge designed to help you with menopausal weight gain…

Until now… So I decided to create my own challenge:

Melt away the extra weight without hard core exercises or deprivations that aren't sustainable PLUS get regular support and accountability from the community.

"Each week there were small habit changes that were easy to follow and I was surprised that within the first week of the challenge my craving for Chips and sweets went away as did the belly bloat."

"The group was so positive and welcoming."

"Everyone was so helpful and willing to share some of their favorite recipes and experiences."

"The real win was feeling better about myself and my clothes fitting better!" 

– Kelly 

"I really enjoyed doing the 28 Day Challenge."

"Lots of great information, easy to follow instructions, and the best part was the accountability and support from the 28-day challenge and the other women."

"I highly recommend reaching out to the 28-day challenge for your weight loss and fitness needs!"

– Alicia

 The 28-day challenge has a gift to motivate and help you see the best in yourself and I really needed that."

"I really feel that this lifestyle is a game-changer for me."

"I feel more confident, happy, and for the first time in a long time, comfortable in my own skin."

‍– Amy

‍– Nikki

If you’re saying YES to losing your MENO-Belly, 

you can make that a reality.

Choose yourself right at this moment.

Our big secret?

We start small - and use little changes to get measurable results.

… And we use techniques which work specifically well for menopause-related weight loss.

Plus, you’ll get all of the benefits 

of a community challenge:

Community - Share your successes and your struggles with our community of like minded women! Learn from their experiences, help others and chat with people who “get” what you’re going through…

Accountability - Post pictures of your meals to our private community for support and accountability, making it easier to stay on track…

Start date & end date - One of the hardest things about losing weight is trying to be perfect. We only ask you to try your hardest for 28 days. At the end, you’ll have “tricked” yourself into building lifelong habits…

‍Daily motivation - We will help you find your “Why.”

We believe that trying to lose weight on willpower is hard… 

But “whypower” is an energy source we can draw from, even when feeling completely burned out…

… We've included everything you would expect from a weight loss plan that works:

  • Stay motivated to lose even the most stubborn menopause weight with a proven 4-week step-by-step program 

  • Shift your inner self-talk with weekly live coaching with me or a 28-Day MENO-Belly coach (Value $999)

  • Be guided every step of the way with short video instructions 

  • Daily support and encouragement with tips and tricks via email. 

  • Follow through the program with workbooks and checklists 

  • Get accountability through regular check-ins with the private community 

  • Start to eat guilt-free by understanding what foods are healthiest in this phase of your life and knowing how much to eat 

  • Enjoy your favorite foods by managing built-in indulgences 

  • Prepare meals that are tasty and easy to cook PLUS fit them into your busy life 

  • Make single dish meals so you don’t have to tackle a dirty kitchen after finishing a tasty meal 

  • Get suggestions and tips that work for any dietary lifestyle, preference, and food restriction

Diets are so hard because they take time, but here’s a little known secret: There are 2 things that will increase your likelihood of success in losing the stubborn pounds.

  •  Slimming Through Slumber (Value $97)

  • The Menopause Movement Recipes For Living E-Cookbook (Value $25)

  • Get more restful and rejuvenating sleep with videos and workbooks

  • Discover which hormones are involved with sleep

  • Find out what happens to our bodies and our minds when we don't get enough sleep

  • Know how to create a successful sleep routine

  • Get options for supplements to improve your sleep 

  • Shift your menopause weight with recipes and a healthy eating plan made to help you not eat less while seeing positive changes in your body 

  • 28-Day Healthy Meal Plan with calorie breakdown (Value $37)

  • Easy Grocery Guide (Value at $27)

  • Knife Skills with Chef Cassandra Cotoia (Value at $97)

  • Total Value: $2082!

And that’s sleeping through the night and enjoying your meals.

You see, when you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up with a brain that wants sugar.

But when you join the 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge today, you will get these BONUSES that can help put more time in your hands even when you’re a busy woman: